The aim of this blog is to collect WW1 guns and mine-throwers that are still visible nowadays, either on former battlefields, death memorials, museums, or elsewhere.

Unhopefully, even if my website www.passioncompassion1418 is in both french and english language, I didn't find any simple possibility to make this weblog bi-lingual. Therefore, I ask each participant to express himself in english or french for postings, and use its knowledge of foreign languages or translation webtools for reading.

If your travels worldwide let you encounter such items, please be smart and post a message in this blog by sending a photograph, a description and a localisation.

For contributions :

  • send me a message (click on the 'contactez l'auteur' link) with your e-mail adress asking to become a member of this blog
  • in return (as soon as I will read your message), I will send you an invitation by mail, that will include a link leading you directly to this site, allowing you to post messages with pictures.

Ideally, the informations that you will post shall include :

  • the location (town, village, region, country, precise place) wher the item can be seen
  • a picture in jpeg format, less than 100 kb (if possible, try to upload it in my site in 300 pixels size)
  • the type of the weapon (if known)
  • the nationality (if known)
  • remarks or precisions if needed

Don't forget to choose a category for your mail, in the scroll list the correct category corresponding to the weapon you're posting.

Other visitors will be allowed to complete your description in 'comments' messages.

All this material will be summarized, accompanied by your contributor's name, in a specialised and free internet website.

Thank you for your contribution to this experience

Bernard Plumier