De la part de Charlie Clelland

Hi Bernard,

This Belgian howitzer is one of the most historically significant in Australia. During the night of July 22-23 1916 Australian
troops attacked German positions around the village of Pozieres. Over the next 2 weeks of the battle Australian troops
suffered more than 16,000 casualties. In the early advance into Pozieres, 3 German howitzers which had been damaged by
the initial barrage were found - these howitzers were 15cm ex-Belgian Krupp/FRC 15cm. The 3 damaged howitzers were returned to
Australia after WW1 but only one survives now at the 9th Battalion Museum, Enoggera, Qld.
The first image is from the AWM collection and is, I believe, the howitzer now at Enoggera. The image was taken about
September 1916 - after the battle.


The damaged howitzer was embedded in concrete by the Brisbane City Council and is still partially inside the concrete slab.



The 9th Battalion Museum is slowly restoring the howitzer. The first image is the howitzer in 2010 - image credit Charlie Clelland.



The other, more recent images were taken by Mal Black.