Hi there

I have a model of a ww1 field piece made by Bochumer Verein its a very detailed metal model with all moving parts - I am trying to identify the type. I believe it is 1:10 scale and if accurate 76mm caliber (or close to it)

  • It appears the model was made around the 1st ww
  • 1:10 scale 
  • it has Bochumer Verein engraved on the side of the tail
  • 75/ 76mm calibre going by the barrel size
  • the breach looks the same as a 10cm German one (it actually works on this model) 
  • elevation and traverse works
  • it has a rifled barrel
  • the brakes wind in and out by the handle on the front 
  • the shield mount is broken so not sitting straight 

the thing I cannot seem to match to any model is the recoil system sticking out the back under the breach 


Rodney Akkerman