De la part de James Bedford

I am a volunteer with the Andover (Massachusetts, USA) Patriotic Committee.  We are in the final stages of refurbishing (static only) a captured German 10.5cm leichtes Feldhaubitze 16.  It was taken by the 37th Division (Ohio National Guard) sometime during the Ypres & Lys offensive, October 31- November 2, 1918.  When completed it will once again be placed back on the Town Green after a re-dedication ceremony slated for this coming Memorial Day, 2009.  I have included a number of pictures for your perusal.  It you would like, when the howitzer is once again placed on the Town Green, I can forward those pictures as well.




Un superbe obusier Allemand de 105mm, 10cm lFH 16, en cours de restauration par d'enthousiastes amateurs a Andover Massachusets, USA












Lien vers la fiche detaillee de ce canon :