Un canon Allemand de 7.7cm FK 16 à Chester de la part de Kurt Sellers (USA) :

You graciously allowed me to use some of your one illustrations last year on a research project.   I am happy to announce having discovered and helped preserve another German FK 16 field gun.  I hope you can add it to your magnificent website. 

Location:  Chester PA,  Veterans Memorial in Crozer Park, Lat: 39.84992 / Long: 75.37740 

Breech Markings:    Nr 22915 



Manufacturer:  Hannoveresche Maschinenbau A.G.  

Other markings are recoil cylinder serial numbers and bore sighting notches at the muzzle.  

When I found the gun, it was badly rusted and the rust and remnants of paint obliterated the details such as markings, knurling on the sight knobs, screw threads, etc.  Began the preservation effort by hand with another member of the volunteer Pennsylvania World War I Centennial Commission.  A local business volunteered to professionally recondition the gun.  An industrial painter sandblasted the gun, rust proofed it, primed and painted it.  All markings and other details remain visible. Interestingly, the gun has a bullet hole through the gun shield.  The work was finished Oct 10, 2018.  






 Description détaillée : http://www.passioncompassion1418.com/Canons/AfficheCanonGET.php?IdCanonAffiche=1472